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Affiliate Program #jrfam


What is it all about?

In a nutshell, Earn real money for referring people to our website.

Just Riding Equestrian Affiliates Program

1. You sign up to our affiliates program

Once you sign up to the affiliate network, you will have access to your own control panel. You can promote our website in general or specific product urls from the moment that you sign up!

2. You promote our products/website via your affiliate links

There are many ways in which you can promote our website or products on Just Riding. You will need to place your affiliate links which you generate in your control panel on to your own affiliate web pages in order to promote our products and business to your visitors. This is your chance to get creative, be social, and think outside of the box to gain those conversions!

3. Visitors who click your affiliate link get redirected to our website,

When you have your affiliate links set up, you are now in the position to start making money!

The Affiliate technology we use is industry leading software that enables us to track any visitors that click on your affiliate links. As your visitor is tagged, you will be identified as their referrer.

4. When a purchase is completed Just Riding will send payment to the affiliate who referred the visitor

Just Riding will recognise the referring affiliate through the cookie stored on the customers computer.

Once the sale has been completed by the customer, Just Riding will then credit your affiliate account with your commission. Once your account reaches €25 will then transfer the funds to you via paypal or bank transfer.

Additional Information

Most of this information is available during sign up, however for the benefit of those of you who are still thinking about signing up. We pay 5% commission on the first purchase made by a referred customer, as an added bonus we pay a further 2.5% commission for every recurring purchase made by that same customer for 18 months. Our average order value is much higher than your average clothing & accessories retail order at €300 so the earning potential is very real.

Look at it like this, one day you pop a photo of an Equiline saddle on your blog, social media etc and link it to our site using your affiliate link. A week later someone clicks on it and ends up buying the saddle, we pay you around +/-€125. Not bad for taking 30 seconds out and posting a photo of a nice saddle to your social media!

Click Here to sign up to our affiliates program and start referring.