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Bronchix Pulmo Liquid by Cavalor

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Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo is intended for optimal lung and airway support. It improves the flexibility and elasticity of blood vessels and facilitates breathing.

Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo opens the airways and supports the flexibility and elasticity of the lungs during intense training and competition.

A poorly functioning respiratory system is a common element among sport horses, which do not always show their full potential. Efficiently transported oxygen is essential for excellent performance.

Intensive exercise puts a strain on the respiratory system and increases the demand for oxygen. Increased blood pressure as it flows along the lungs can strain the air sacs in the lungs.

Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo contains a balanced blend of essential oils that have synergistically beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and support the elasticity of the alveoli.

Daucus carota in Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo strengthens the capillary walls and together with Allium sativum and Cupressus are used to lower blood pressure, supporting the elasticity and elasticity of the alveoli.

Citrus aurantiifolia, Eucalyptus globulus Labil, Cupressus and Glycyrrhiza glabra remove mucus from the respiratory tract, aid breathing and neutralize free radicals. Indeed, efficient oxygen uptake is essential for the best performance.

The performance of Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo has been demonstrated in a scientific study carried out in collaboration with Dr. Emmanuelle Van Erck-Westergren (Equine Sports Medicine Practice), in which sixteen active racehorses from the same stable received Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo as a supplement. Since the management of the stable, along with nutrition and training, can have a significant impact on the respiratory system, they remained unchanged during testing.

After training, endoscopy and lung lavage were performed both before and after Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo supplementation, and parameters indicative of pneumonia and hemorrhage were examined. Fifteen horses were diagnosed with pulmonary haemorrhage (EIHP). After treatment with Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo, none of the sixteen horses showed bleeding.

End of the study:

Dr. Van Erck-Westergren found that daily use of Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo for 25 days significantly reduced the occurrence and severity of EIHP. The results also showed that the product has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the symptoms of tracheitis. It is worth noting that the trainer also noted the increased endurance of the horses, despite the unsatisfactory performance prior to using Cavalor® Bronchix Pulmo.


Citrus aurantiifolia 10.000 mg / kg

Allium sativum 5,000 mg / kg

Eucalyptus globulus Labil 10,000 mg / kg
Cupressus L. 0.5%
Daucus carota 2.2%


Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo Liq is intended for frequent and long-term use.

Dosage before strenuous exercise: 20 ml per day for at least 6 days (maintenance dose) or 15 consecutive days (in case of heavy workload), 30 ml on the day before the heavy workload, 30 ml on the day of the high workload (or in the evening of the preceding day). ).

Maximum 60 ml per day.

It is recommended to administer Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo Liq directly into the mouth using a syringe.

Packaging - 1000 ml.

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