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Parisol now available in our stock!

By Marcin Stępień

The Parisol brand has stood for high-quality horse care products since 1887.
The products are developed in cooperation with riders and equestrians and are produced using only selected ingredients that are largely natural. From hoof care products, mane and tail sprays and insect repellent sprays up to regeneration products such as classic cooling gels, Parisol offers a wide range of products for the horse.

The variety of goods is  completed by liquid feed supplements and Parisol happies treats, which are available in different varieties and of course belong in the cleaning box alongside the care products.

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Parisol horse care products!

3in1 HorseGloss

15.84 €

More shine - less brushing!
Gloss spray for mane, tail and fur with long acting formula.
Provides a satiny long lasting shine.
Ensures long hairs do not cling and are easy to brush.
The powerful dust and dirt effect lasts for days.
Facilitates brushing.


Bay Oil Express

22.86 €

For healthy hooves. 
Highly concentrated bay oil for special hoof care.
Regular use can have a positive effect on hoof growth. 
Especially suitable for caring for brittle hooves.

Hoof Oil with Brush

13.28 €

With real bay leaf oil - supports essential hoof growth. 
Regulates moisture balance in the hoof and promotes horn stability. 
High quality oils prevent the hoof from drying out or softening. 
Daily application keeps the hoof flexible and prevents disease.

Star Finish Unicorn Edition

15.17 €

Mane, tail and coat shine spray with a highly effective dust and dirt repellent action. 
The newly developed silicone oil microemulsion makes the hair soft and naturally shiny. 
The hair is tangle free and easy to comb, it keeps its volume without feeling artificial. 
The powerful dust and dirt repellent action and tangle free effect lasts for several days. 
Dermatologically tested and approved, for intensive but gentle care.

Cod Liver Oil-Zinc Salve

16.61 €

Tried and tested skin protection salve. 
Traditionally used to support the skin in the case of poor healing or moist wounds.

Frog & Hoof Spray

11.10 €

Protection and care for hoof and frog. 
Natural ingredients prevent frog problems and keep the frog dry. 
The waterproof protective film stops dirt and bacteria from getting in.

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