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Horses for Sale

De Management Team

We are delighted to announce listings of 3 of our young horses, Under Control Z, Cha Cha Z & Canterina Z.

You will find more information about our horses by following the links on this page.

Who am I?

My earliest memory of horses, I was I think around 3 years old and one of the guys who were working in the stables popped me up on a massive horse, my mum had almost had a "heart attack" 

Sadly my grandfather passed away the exact same year I was born and so I never got to meet him in person, but the love for horses that ran through his blood was absolutely in mine, and there was to be no compromise.  

Here are a couple of photos of my Grandfather in the 1930's 

Grandfather Horses Grandfather Horses

Our family bred horses for recreation and work, our horses were the pride of our family. In around 1943/4 the Nazi's came to our village in Poland they were obviously very interested in my Grandfathers horses, my grandfather tried to think fast and purposely made his best stallion lame so that they would ignore him. The Nazi general ordered his soldier to whip the horses and of course despite being slightly lame his best horse rose up in all his glory and the general pointed and demanded that he wanted that one! 

My grandfather told stories to my parents about watching this general in the main square sitting on his best horse and how angry it made him. This always fascinates me and I believe it is this part of our history that drives me even harder.

My uncle continued to keep and breed horses, converting the stables into an amateur sports yard in the 80's with a school and equipment for jumping. I started training as a showjumper when I was around 13 and loved it. I had a fall when I was 16 and broke my back.. even so I was undeterred and as soon as I healed I was back on my Horse. I carried on jumping in amateur competitions in Europe and then moved to the UK and continued there for 4 years. Whilst in the UK I bought a lot of youngsters from Europe and matched them with UK based buyers I realised that I had more of an eye for spotting young talent and breeding that I did jumping so I made a decision to return to my native Poland and set up a stables for breeding.

I continue to ride leisurely but our family focus since 2008 has been to build up our group of quality mares and secure relationships with what I felt are the best studs in Europe. I decided that the studs of Schockemohle and Zangersheide would be suited perfectly for the type of horses I was looking to breed.

We aim to keep things simple and produce between 5 and 6 new foals per year based on my own research and of course guidance from the staff at Schockemohle and Zangersheide. We are blessed to have relationships with Grand Prix riders through and so to balance costs as a growing breeder some of my 4 year olds may go on for further development under riders at this level, while some will be sold to add funds back into the stables and allow us to continue to grow.

Under Control Z 

Under Control Z

Canterina Z

Canterina Z

Cha Cha Z

Cha Cha Z

I have included my whatsapp number and US cell number on the "Horses for Sale" page I am happy to speak to anyone about my horses and foals we have coming this and next spring. *exciting announcement soon.

We can arrange videos, flights and accommodation for prospective buyers and international transport for our horses.

Many Thanks.





The BIG RED FRIDAY Equestrian Sale

De Management Team

March 5th 2021 we have set aside over €200k of clearance stock which will be sold at 50% off the RRP that day ONLY.

We recently moved into our new warehouse & instead of waiting until Black Friday we thought we would host a RED FRIDAY SALE on the 5th March for our existing customers and subscribers.

There will be products from Animo Italia, Parlanti, Equiline, Dy'on and more...



Introducing Beris - bits that offer flexibility!

De Marcin Stępień

True craftsmanship and carefully selected materials

The protection of the horse‘s sensitive mouth is most important to Beris, which shows in the use of the chosen materials. From bit ring to curb, all metal parts are formed by hand, welded and polished to perfection. To guarantee the safety of the bits for horse and rider, they go through vigorous tenacity testings. The newly developed form of our mouthpieces provides a better acceptance of the bit and alleviates the communication between horse and rider.

Plastic-compound mouthpieces

Beris mouthpieces are made of a food safe plastic compound with a surface refinement so far unequalled in the range of plastic bits. The surface is very smooth and they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse doesn´t salivate that much. The “eraser like effect” known of rubber bits will not occur with Beris mouthpieces! Horses accept them very well and will often be encouraged to chew and salivate more.

The initial idea was to develop a thinner mouthpiece with the proven effect of the Tongue Port Bit. During the phase of development Beris also became inspired by the characteristics of the Butterfly Bit. In conclusion the KONNEX-Bit is to be understood as the deliberate summary of positive characteristics of both.

The bit itself is slimmer, it positions itself very comfortable in the horse’s mouth. Moreover, the proved Beris Tongue Port offers generous space to the sensitive tongue musclein the KONNEX-Bit. Additionally the bit widens in the area of the port. That means to spread the pressure of the rein on a greater area of the tongue, the tongue will be protected from too much pressure on a small area.

The KONNEX-Bit is suitable for horses with little space in their mouth, e.g. thoroughbred type horses, or older horses (due to the dental changes), horses with large-scale tongues and especially the ones who do not tolerate too much pressure on the tongue. 

Kimblewick with Konnex Ported Mouthpiece

129.95 €

Eggbutt Snaffle with Konnex Tongue Port


Gag with Konnex Tongue Port


Beris PRIME sets new standards in the communication between horse and rider. Due to the anatomical shape of the extreme soft mouthpiece the pressure is equally spread on tongue and bars. With their carefully shaped passages to the centrepiece, the integrated oval bit guards prevent the horses’ lips from pinching and grant lateral support.

Beris PRIME is made of a food safe plastic compound with a surface refinement unequalled so far in the range of plastic bits. The chosen plastic compound is made of a super soft material, increasing chewing activity and causing more salivation. Therefore the „Eraser like effect“ will not occur with Beris PRIME. Even if the horse doesn’t salivate that much this bit slides easily in the mouth because of its refined surface.

To be on the safe side an inlay of steel was implemented inside the super soft material of beris PRIME. The stainless steel cheeks are made with the most significant artisan knowledge and finally fitted precisely to their sockets

Gag with Prime Mouthpiece

129.95 €

Loose Ring Prime Snaffle


Long Pelham with Prime Mouthpiece



KONNEX and PRIME are but two of original creations by Beris.

See the entire collection with every possible mouthpiece variant!


Parisol now available in our stock!

De Marcin Stępień

The Parisol brand has stood for high-quality horse care products since 1887.
The products are developed in cooperation with riders and equestrians and are produced using only selected ingredients that are largely natural. From hoof care products, mane and tail sprays and insect repellent sprays up to regeneration products such as classic cooling gels, Parisol offers a wide range of products for the horse.

The variety of goods is  completed by liquid feed supplements and Parisol happies treats, which are available in different varieties and of course belong in the cleaning box alongside the care products.

See our selection of 
Parisol horse care products!

3in1 HorseGloss

15.84 €

More shine - less brushing!
Gloss spray for mane, tail and fur with long acting formula.
Provides a satiny long lasting shine.
Ensures long hairs do not cling and are easy to brush.
The powerful dust and dirt effect lasts for days.
Facilitates brushing.


Bay Oil Express

22.86 €

For healthy hooves. 
Highly concentrated bay oil for special hoof care.
Regular use can have a positive effect on hoof growth. 
Especially suitable for caring for brittle hooves.

Hoof Oil with Brush

13.28 €

With real bay leaf oil - supports essential hoof growth. 
Regulates moisture balance in the hoof and promotes horn stability. 
High quality oils prevent the hoof from drying out or softening. 
Daily application keeps the hoof flexible and prevents disease.

Star Finish Unicorn Edition

15.17 €

Mane, tail and coat shine spray with a highly effective dust and dirt repellent action. 
The newly developed silicone oil microemulsion makes the hair soft and naturally shiny. 
The hair is tangle free and easy to comb, it keeps its volume without feeling artificial. 
The powerful dust and dirt repellent action and tangle free effect lasts for several days. 
Dermatologically tested and approved, for intensive but gentle care.

Cod Liver Oil-Zinc Salve

16.61 €

Tried and tested skin protection salve. 
Traditionally used to support the skin in the case of poor healing or moist wounds.

Frog & Hoof Spray

11.10 €

Protection and care for hoof and frog. 
Natural ingredients prevent frog problems and keep the frog dry. 
The waterproof protective film stops dirt and bacteria from getting in.

Not sure what you're looking for?
See the entire Parisol offer!



COVID-19 and our business...

De Management Team

CLOVID-19 and our equestrian business
We founded our company in 2008 taking it online in 2012, since then we have focused on increasing the recognition of our brand "Just Riding" not with fancy marketing companies or buying likes on social media.. we as a horsey family grew the brand organically by providing the best service we possibly could for the best price and balancing the profit in our pockets with the money we give back to the industry which gave us everything.
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone of our customers who have supported us and continue to support us during this awful time. You have allowed us to build this strong family and a business that provides an income to many people some of whom have been with us for over 6 years!
We took measures weeks ago to protect our staff, which means that all of them are working from home with the exception of a single dispatcher who is coming in for a few hours every other morning sorting and dispatching parcels to our customers.

Of course we have been hit by this virus as has almost everyone who owns a small business, our sales are down more than 50%. Our staff have all supported our business and their futures by going on part time hours to reduce outgoings. Manufacturers are all still supplying us but there are of course some delays to navigate right now.

On the bright and wonderful side we still have some orders coming in, thanks to you guys out there who are choosing us to continue to provide products for you and your horses. We owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

Sponsored Riders / Brand Ambassadors

Sadly despite you amazing people who are keeping our business afloat we have had to pause all support for our sponsored riders and brand ambassadors, things were delicate before the virus broke out in June 2019 our previous card payment company were suspended and we lost a months worth of revenue we had just started to fight our way back after 6 months when the virus went global.
We have every intention of returning to our usual program of providing everything we can to our inspirational and awesome riders, some of whom we have known and worked with for over 5 years... We love you all dearly and travel every road you have traveled right beside you, watching you all achieve your dreams and goals despite illness and setbacks has been one of the main highlights of owning Just Riding and we WILL get back to doing just that again very soon! I promise.

You are an Equestrian!

As a global equestrian business I am acutely aware of the reach we have in our industry and so I wanted to take this opportunity personally to reach out to any fellow Equestrians anywhere in the world, if you are alone or even feel alone please feel free to email me on I am not a registered healthcare worker or therapist but we are a family with a business, kids, money worries and probably a lot in common with many of you... and so I am offering my ear as a sounding board or companionship or whatever you feel you need.. send me a pic of you and your horse or don't. We don't mind, just don't feel alone.. YOU ARE NOT!
Watch this film below and remember YOU ARE AN EQUESTRIAN!
(Credit to: BackstretchRunner)
Guys we are also offering Free Global shipping on all orders over €300 with discount code "ALLFORONE" on any full price products on our store, and this week we will be scouring our warehouse and adding hundreds of products to our sale section giving people the chance to buy what they need for up to 50% off regular retail price...we want to give more.. but we also have to be careful to try and protect the future of the company so we are still around for you after all of this.
Thank you again for all of your support!
Victoria & Family


Equestrian Black Friday 2019 at

De Management Team

Every year we sell out almost all of our accumulated seasonal stock from that year to make room for newer models over just one weekend, Black Friday weekend! Last year was our biggest year yet in terms of visitors to our store and the amount of bargains grabbed by our customers but we are hoping to make 2019 even bigger with massive bargains up for grabs.

Our company is renowned for stocking the best European equestrian products from brands such as Parlanti, Equiline, Dy'on, Animo, Kask, Montar, KEP and more.. for this equestrian black Friday we will have offers from all of these brands and some of you will receive exclusive discount codes as a thank you for your continued loyalty this past year.

If you are looking for a tack store to blow your Black Friday budget with this year stop by Just Riding we have something for everyone. See you there!

Equestrian Black Friday


Points for Loyalty on

De Management Team

We did it, finally we decided on a partner for our loyalty awards program. Now before you all say "didn't you have one of those once" we did and we found it restrictive and not really worth your while participating in. So we waited and we waited some more until finally 4 years later we found Loyalty Lion who are now providing us with an awesome platform for you, our much loved and well deserving customers.

Loyalty Lion Point


When we decided to once again integrate a Loyalty points system we wanted it to be worthwhile for you, and so we switched up the earning of points and lowered the required points required for rewards.

Which means for example you only need to spend €200 to earn enough points (2000) for a FREE SHIPPING voucher for your next order!

Refer a Friend

We added ways that you can earn additional points without making a purchase.

For example simply by visiting our store once a week we will give you 25 points! or refer a friend and we will give you a massive 2000 points, instant FREE SHIPPING or €20 Off Voucher!


We have also included special features like swap points for products, which means you can save up your points throughout the year and when you have accumulated enough you can swap them for an epic product from our range for example a pair of Tech Stirrups, Parlanti or Best Selling breeches from Equiline.

Our average cart value over a two year period was €350, which means that with only 7 or 8 visits to our store you could save enough for those illusive Parlanti you have had your eye on, or why wait swap those points for a pair of Tech Stirrups after only 4 or 5 shopping trips to our store.

We will even give you points when its your birthday, if you follow us on Instagram.

Double Reward Points

Yes, you read our ridiculously neon sign correctly thanks to the awesomeness of Loyalty Lion we are able to grant you guys double points on certain brands for example. 


You want to save up your points for those Parlanti you have wanted forever, well great news buy any product from Parlanti including Polish, Stirrups Straps, socks or boots and receive double points on those items which will get you to your goal of those boots twice as fast!

We will be sending out monthly newsletters informing you which brands you can earn double points on in that month!

We hope you enjoy our new way of rewarding our customers, lets face it "General SALES" are getting a bit tired and so we think this is a great way of giving back to you for all the support and loyalty you give to us! :-)

Thanks Victoria




Why Dy'on Bridles & Leathergoods for your horse?

De Management Team

To purchase Dy'on is to bathe in milk and dry yourself off with a golden towel, at least right now anyway... in short Dy'on are currently the hottest leather goods brand in the world with people falling over themselves to clad their beloved in their glorious products.

We wanted to pay homage to a brand that we here at Just Riding love so much and our customers seem to love even more. By digitizing this wonderful article written by Kathy Carter.

From a simple product idea from a blacksmith, to worldwide product distribution – why equestrian equipment manufacturer Dy’on continues to stay at the top of its game. Belgium-based riding equipment manufacturer Dy’on SPRL began life over twenty years ago, in 1990.

It's founder, still the owner and main product designer at the company, started the self-titled brand in Namur in the south of Belgium, where the majority of the organisation’s production is still based. Philippe Dion was a blacksmith by trade, and a well-known show jumping rider at national level. One day, Philippe wanted to buy a pair of full length chaps, but couldn’t find any that were convenient to him in Namur; so he decided to make his own, along with his auntie Evelyne Van Dijck, a former tailor and sewing teacher. The first pair of famous Dy’on chaps had been created.







Spreading the Word

Philippe proudly wore his new chaps at the shows he was competing at, and the word began to spread – he was soon taking orders from friends for bespoke chaps, again making them with the talented Evelyne. Demand increased across Belgium so quickly that Philippe decided to setup a workshop in Namur.

Dy’on SPRL was officially launched, and ariding equipment empire was born. “We started manufacturing both full length and half chaps at this time, and I would go out and sell them exclusively in Dy'on stands in shows all around Europe,” Philippe recalls. “We specialised in custom made products, and offered fringes, detailing and piping on the full chaps. We and began distributing into retail shops as well the same year, although the main market was still at the shows.”

As Philippe Dion was traveling to the biggest shows in Europe, he was in contact with the world’s leading riders on the show jumping circuit at this time, from John Whitaker and Ludo Phillipaerts to Nelson Pessoa and Philippe Rozier. Philippe liaised closely with many of the riders in terms of their needs, and started to work in ever-closer collaboration with them and their grooms. “The development of most of the Dy’on products that we created was based on their requests and remarks, and also their constructive feedback,”Philippe says. “These products were tested at the highest levels, so we knew they were functional and fit for purpose - we always appreciated the feedback from such elite riders, and continue to do so today, with our roster of sponsored riders.”

Eric Lamaze in Dy'on

Here Comes the Bridle
The company continued to grow, and in 1992, Philippe launched the first Dy’on bridlework line, made in England. It boasted classic lines, fine detailing and the company’s striking cream stitching, as well as stainless steel buckles – all marks of quality. The range quickly became popular with the show jumping elite. However, rising production costs meant that within six years, Philippe was faced with a dilemma – should he keep production within the UK, or move it elsewhere, to help keep the retail prices down?

As he could not find a solution to maintain cost-effective, high quality leather, in 1998 Philippe decided to stop producing Dy’on bridlework altogether. However,  two years later in 2000, at the BETA International Trade Fair, Philippe was introduced to an Indian manufacturer who Philippe asked to make a bridle sample. When he received the sample, Philippe was so impressed by its quality that he decided to go to India to set up a workshop, and teach and train a team of workers dedicated to the high quality Dy’on ethos. Bridle production resumed that year, and Philippe is still very proud of the quality leatherwork provided – he regularly receives requests from the leading bridle wear brands to manufacture goods for them. “We have created a close collaboration with skilled leatherwork manufacturers in India,” Philippe explains. “We are creating articles of a high quality, but are keeping the costs more reasonable – unfortunately it wasn’t possible to keep production in Europe, and maintain reasonable costs.

Dyon Classic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle

The Classic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

All bridlework items manufactured by us are under full control of our reliable, local staff. The Dy’on philosophy was, and continues to be, the constant quest for perfection and innovation. The Dy’on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction, and of this we are immensely proud,” Philippe adds. 

Creation and Craftsmanship
By 2004, Philippe had launched the industry’s first off-the-peg, standard half chaps. The ‘Classic’ line, produced in the company’s Belgian workshop, featured a smart, full-grained leather chap with a back zip closing from bottom to top, and a zipper on the elastic strip for a perfect fit; no matter what the rider’s leg shape These were designed to provide aunique ‘second skin’ fit and feel,for increased sensitivity and communication with the horse, aswell as all-important leg support.“From the beginning, we made sure that each Dy’on product wasinnovate and perfectly manufactured; the creation, craftsmanship, quality of the materials and customer service have been the first four rules of the company since we began, and continue to be of utmost importance,” Philippe adds.

Dyon Classic Mini Half Chaps

Classic Mini Chaps by Dy'on

A Worldwide Network
In 2007, Dy’on added a third mainline of products, which includedquality horse rugs in poly-cottonand wool. Accessories such as stall guards, wraps and bags followed, all in tough, durable textiles. Today’s range also includes all manner of leather accessories, from head collars to horse boots, and the company has a 12-strong workforce to manage production and supply.

For almost ten years now, the company has worked with a network of wholesalers. Philippe maintained the ethos of top quality leatherwear and quality products, creating ranges that would last the test of time, and were renowned throughout the industry. “We now sell almost worldwide, mainly to wholesalers that distribute to regional tack shops,” Philippe says. “We are distributed by companies that recognise our expertise and know the market – they include HorseFitform International in Belgium and France; Equality Line in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark; Equine Industry in Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Running Fox in the USA and Canada, and Elite Horse in the Middle East. We pretty much have all corners of the globe covered,” Philippe modestly says.

Dy'on X-Fit Anatomic Bridle

The X-FIT Anatomic Bridle by Dy'on

Inspiring other Product Lines
So, with such an impressive network in place, what is the range’s differentiating factor - what sets Dy’on apart from its competitors? The equestrian equipment industry has obviously grown massively in the last twenty years, with any decent product line being replicated by competitors that see the benefits of a range or item, or want to see a similar return on investment. “Product copying of course takes place. Certainly in the market of the half chaps, many brands have been largely inspired by our models - but we are still the only company manufacturing such high-quality products, with quality guarantees, in Belgium,” Philip says. “Apart from our choice of the best material, our unique selling point is that we form close relationships with the main players of our sport – our products are used at the highest levels, and are designed to fit the needs of elite horses and their riders. Plus, every product is still designed by me, rather than someone that is not a rider, and isn’t actively involved in the industry. I know what riders want,” Philippe explains.

Dy'on Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle

The Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

True Retail Values
Few companies within the equestrian sector have been unaffected by the economic climate, which continues to disseminate across the world. “But
we believe that in this crisis time, customers are coming back to true retail values,” Philippe states. “They wish to have quality products, and to own timeless and trustworthy items that will last. Yes, there are cheaper products on the market, but will they last as long, and be such an investment purchase as ours? For most of our clients, horse riding is a priceless pleasure, and they want to enjoy their equipment as much as their riding time. This is especially the case when life is tough. So providing them the most beautiful, durable and well-performing equipment at a reasonable, fair price is Dy’on’s priority. We also focus on a great after-sale service - any repairs or replacements are carried out if needed, and it is points like these that make the difference, and ensure our continued success in this uncertain economic climate.”

Hackamore bridle by Dy'on

The Hackamore Bridle by Dy'on

Quarter Century Anniversary
With the company’s quarter century anniversary approaching, what is Phillipe’s plan for the future? “We plan to increase our sales in Holland, Germany, USA and Canada, and also Asian countries like China and Japan,” he explains. “We are already present in these countries, but need to get bigger and stronger there. We will continue to develop one or two new products each year, which we usually present at the Spoga International Trade Fair for Equestrian Sports in Cologne - we have a booth there every February and September, and find that it is a great opportunity to showcase our latest products to the wider trade marketplace. We are also always on the look-out for ways to innovate existing products – a good example is our anatomic bridle, which features a head piece that starts back at the nape of the neck, and features a crossed throat piece. This has absolutely no poll pressure at all, and is winning accolades from riders of horses that are head-shy, sensitive to poll pressure, or have large or sensitive ears. For dressage riders especially, it allows the horse to soften and perform comfortably.

Cavesson Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

Cavesson Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

We will keep on doing our best to be at the highest level in the equestrian market, and to satisfy our actual clients – that is what it is all about, after all – keeping our customers happy, and keeping their horses happy,” Philippe concludes.

We wanted to add that currently Dy'on is a brand that is outselling its rivals, the Hackamore and Anatomic Bridles by Dy'on receive 5* after 5* reviews from our customers and we are delighted to have these and all other Dy'on products showcased on It is true premium equestrian brands like this that define our business as "The Premium Equestrian Store"