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Introducing Beris - bits that offer flexibility!

De Marcin Stępień

True craftsmanship and carefully selected materials

The protection of the horse‘s sensitive mouth is most important to Beris, which shows in the use of the chosen materials. From bit ring to curb, all metal parts are formed by hand, welded and polished to perfection. To guarantee the safety of the bits for horse and rider, they go through vigorous tenacity testings. The newly developed form of our mouthpieces provides a better acceptance of the bit and alleviates the communication between horse and rider.

Plastic-compound mouthpieces

Beris mouthpieces are made of a food safe plastic compound with a surface refinement so far unequalled in the range of plastic bits. The surface is very smooth and they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse doesn´t salivate that much. The “eraser like effect” known of rubber bits will not occur with Beris mouthpieces! Horses accept them very well and will often be encouraged to chew and salivate more.

The initial idea was to develop a thinner mouthpiece with the proven effect of the Tongue Port Bit. During the phase of development Beris also became inspired by the characteristics of the Butterfly Bit. In conclusion the KONNEX-Bit is to be understood as the deliberate summary of positive characteristics of both.

The bit itself is slimmer, it positions itself very comfortable in the horse’s mouth. Moreover, the proved Beris Tongue Port offers generous space to the sensitive tongue musclein the KONNEX-Bit. Additionally the bit widens in the area of the port. That means to spread the pressure of the rein on a greater area of the tongue, the tongue will be protected from too much pressure on a small area.

The KONNEX-Bit is suitable for horses with little space in their mouth, e.g. thoroughbred type horses, or older horses (due to the dental changes), horses with large-scale tongues and especially the ones who do not tolerate too much pressure on the tongue. 

Kimblewick with Konnex Ported Mouthpiece

129.95 €

Eggbutt Snaffle with Konnex Tongue Port


Gag with Konnex Tongue Port


Beris PRIME sets new standards in the communication between horse and rider. Due to the anatomical shape of the extreme soft mouthpiece the pressure is equally spread on tongue and bars. With their carefully shaped passages to the centrepiece, the integrated oval bit guards prevent the horses’ lips from pinching and grant lateral support.

Beris PRIME is made of a food safe plastic compound with a surface refinement unequalled so far in the range of plastic bits. The chosen plastic compound is made of a super soft material, increasing chewing activity and causing more salivation. Therefore the „Eraser like effect“ will not occur with Beris PRIME. Even if the horse doesn’t salivate that much this bit slides easily in the mouth because of its refined surface.

To be on the safe side an inlay of steel was implemented inside the super soft material of beris PRIME. The stainless steel cheeks are made with the most significant artisan knowledge and finally fitted precisely to their sockets

Gag with Prime Mouthpiece

129.95 €

Loose Ring Prime Snaffle


Long Pelham with Prime Mouthpiece



KONNEX and PRIME are but two of original creations by Beris.

See the entire collection with every possible mouthpiece variant!

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