Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski claims CSI3* 150 and 160, Grand Prix Gold Round crown

By Agnieszka JR

Just Riding is very proud once again to be supporting top international rider Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (Jarek) with clothing and equipment. 

Jarek claimed top prize's at the prestigious CSI3* Selesia Tour in Poland last week by winning the 150 Longines ranking on Saturday 22nd followed by the top prize 160 Grand Prix on Sunday.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski celebrates win

Credit for photo: Magda Pocztowska Photography

Jarek is a highly respected athlete and absolute sporting hero in his country of Poland and we are delighted to be associated with him, our congratulations go to Jarek, his family and his team who have done an awesome job.

Jarek rode to both victories on Calevo 2 an 8 year old Oldenburg gelding owned by Dariusz Slupczynski. 

Jarek Wins

Credit for photo: Swiat Koni

These victories follow an amazing performance last week Jarosław Skrzyczyński and Quintella won contest 145 cm during csi3* Knokke Hippique! and in the same contest he took 4th place on silver shine later taking 2nd place in the Grand Prix.

At Knokke Hippique Jarek demonstrated his world class skill and beat the worlds best riders including Christian Ahlmann and Ludger Beerbaum in the 160 Grand Prix event, and was only very unlucky to have a final fence down resulting in a 4 point penalty.

Jarek and Ola

A great photo here above of Jarek and top international rider Ola Lusina. Both Jarek and Ola ride in Animo Italia.

Jarek chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK Dy'on and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding

Ola chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding


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