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Parlanti Passion K Riding Boots | New Products | Blog

By Agnieszka JR

Introducing the latest offering from Parlanti the KK Boot or K Boot as some people are calling them. Professional riders seem to be seeking comfort of classical styling, certainly in 2016 we have seen this more and more with increased sales of Parlanti's K Komfy short boot and Ocala the tall general purpose boot which we like to refer to as a cross over boot because you can ride 5 horses a day in them, give them a polish and look perfectly respectable on the weekend.

Well these are the replacements for Ocala, and we are not disappointed!

Parlanti K Boots

First of all the boots are incredibly comfortable with increased use of buffalo leather and elastic stretch panels to ensure both durability and fit to the riders leg and foot. The exclusive B-Flex rubber sole and two elastic inserts will provide the best fit you could hope for. KK-BOOTS are the ultimate in lightness and comfort. They are both beautiful and durable.

Buy Parlanti K Boots right here.

Parlanti KK Boots


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