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Points for Loyalty on Justriding.com

By Management Team

We did it, finally we decided on a partner for our loyalty awards program. Now before you all say "didn't you have one of those once" we did and we found it restrictive and not really worth your while participating in. So we waited and we waited some more until finally 4 years later we found Loyalty Lion who are now providing us with an awesome platform for you, our much loved and well deserving customers.

Loyalty Lion Point Justriding.com


When we decided to once again integrate a Loyalty points system we wanted it to be worthwhile for you, and so we switched up the earning of points and lowered the required points required for rewards.

Which means for example you only need to spend €200 to earn enough points (2000) for a FREE SHIPPING voucher for your next order!

Refer a Friend Justriding.com

We added ways that you can earn additional points without making a purchase.

For example simply by visiting our store once a week we will give you 25 points! or refer a friend and we will give you a massive 2000 points, instant FREE SHIPPING or €20 Off Voucher!


We have also included special features like swap points for products, which means you can save up your points throughout the year and when you have accumulated enough you can swap them for an epic product from our range for example a pair of Tech Stirrups, Parlanti or Best Selling breeches from Equiline.

Our average cart value over a two year period was €350, which means that with only 7 or 8 visits to our store you could save enough for those illusive Parlanti you have had your eye on, or why wait swap those points for a pair of Tech Stirrups after only 4 or 5 shopping trips to our store.

We will even give you points when its your birthday, if you follow us on Instagram.

Double Reward Points Justriding.com

Yes, you read our ridiculously neon sign correctly thanks to the awesomeness of Loyalty Lion we are able to grant you guys double points on certain brands for example. 


You want to save up your points for those Parlanti you have wanted forever, well great news buy any product from Parlanti including Polish, Stirrups Straps, socks or boots and receive double points on those items which will get you to your goal of those boots twice as fast!

We will be sending out monthly newsletters informing you which brands you can earn double points on in that month!

We hope you enjoy our new way of rewarding our customers, lets face it "General SALES" are getting a bit tired and so we think this is a great way of giving back to you for all the support and loyalty you give to us! :-)

Thanks Victoria




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