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Horses for Sale

By Management Team

We are delighted to announce listings of 3 of our young horses, Under Control Z, Cha Cha Z & Canterina Z.

You will find more information about our horses by following the links on this page.

Who am I?

My earliest memory of horses, I was I think around 3 years old and one of the guys who were working in the stables popped me up on a massive horse, my mum had almost had a "heart attack" 

Sadly my grandfather passed away the exact same year I was born and so I never got to meet him in person, but the love for horses that ran through his blood was absolutely in mine, and there was to be no compromise.  

Here are a couple of photos of my Grandfather in the 1930's 

Grandfather Horses Grandfather Horses

Our family bred horses for recreation and work, our horses were the pride of our family. In around 1943/4 the Nazi's came to our village in Poland they were obviously very interested in my Grandfathers horses, my grandfather tried to think fast and purposely made his best stallion lame so that they would ignore him. The Nazi general ordered his soldier to whip the horses and of course despite being slightly lame his best horse rose up in all his glory and the general pointed and demanded that he wanted that one! 

My grandfather told stories to my parents about watching this general in the main square sitting on his best horse and how angry it made him. This always fascinates me and I believe it is this part of our history that drives me even harder.

My uncle continued to keep and breed horses, converting the stables into an amateur sports yard in the 80's with a school and equipment for jumping. I started training as a showjumper when I was around 13 and loved it. I had a fall when I was 16 and broke my back.. even so I was undeterred and as soon as I healed I was back on my Horse. I carried on jumping in amateur competitions in Europe and then moved to the UK and continued there for 4 years. Whilst in the UK I bought a lot of youngsters from Europe and matched them with UK based buyers I realised that I had more of an eye for spotting young talent and breeding that I did jumping so I made a decision to return to my native Poland and set up a stables for breeding.

I continue to ride leisurely but our family focus since 2008 has been to build up our group of quality mares and secure relationships with what I felt are the best studs in Europe. I decided that the studs of Schockemohle and Zangersheide would be suited perfectly for the type of horses I was looking to breed.

We aim to keep things simple and produce between 5 and 6 new foals per year based on my own research and of course guidance from the staff at Schockemohle and Zangersheide. We are blessed to have relationships with Grand Prix riders through and so to balance costs as a growing breeder some of my 4 year olds may go on for further development under riders at this level, while some will be sold to add funds back into the stables and allow us to continue to grow.

Under Control Z 

Under Control Z

Canterina Z

Canterina Z

Cha Cha Z

Cha Cha Z

I have included my whatsapp number and US cell number on the "Horses for Sale" page I am happy to speak to anyone about my horses and foals we have coming this and next spring. *exciting announcement soon.

We can arrange videos, flights and accommodation for prospective buyers and international transport for our horses.

Many Thanks.





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