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Hocor Professional Supplements for Horses

By Management Team


This week I wanted to speak about HOCOR, Just Riding is well known for partnering with the worlds best brands and up until now we had only sold Global Medics supplements as we believe they were the best possible supplement available presently for your horse. Now there is a new kid in town, HOCOR and in our opinion these are shaping up to be a contender for the top spot.

In this short article I will begin to try to explain why your horses need HOCOR and why top riders are starting to turn to HOCOR for their horses nutritional needs because they can not match the content anywhere else.

Over the last 10 years your demand on your horse has increased exponentially, many supplements have changed but few have evolved. 

Let us first introduce the line of 6 products that make up the entire HOCOR professional range. In this brief article I will speak about HOCOR Complete.

HOCOR Complete

Available in 1.5kg and 3kg tubs (Also available in 10kg bags for professional yards)

We have 3 products within the "General Care" range:

Hocor Complete  perfect for horses in light to medium workload

  • strengthens immunity
  • improves digestion
  • increases efficiency
  • regenerates sells

Hocor Performance is ideal for  sports horses that are under a lot of stress and physical exhaustion

  • contains antioxidants
  • restores mineral deficiencies
  • beneficial effect on nervous system
  • speeds up regeneration processes

Hocor Titanium for strong hooves and shiny coat

  • strengthens and nourishes hoof
  • supports regular growth
  • has an antimycotic effect
  • increases frog resistance

and 3 more in the "Expert Line" range.

Hocor Respiro+ cough and allergy symptomatic treatment

  • protects horses from free radicals
  • easily digested
  • anti inflammatory effect

Hocor Regen + Ideal for horses recovering after illnesses, operations as well as for those in poor condition

  • high concentration of Vitamin C and magnesium
  • immunity enhancer
  • restores mineral deficiencies

Hocor Digest + for horses suffering from and prone to gastric ulcers

  • contains phytobiotics
  • antihepapatoxic properties
  • helps to stop bleeding 
  • supports liver function and the healing processes

HOCOR are working with a UK based rider Claire O'Hara who is currently testing our products on her sport horses they and have just secured an agreement to supply products for the horses of Italian professional rider Alberto Violante seen here below:

Alberto Violante

If someone were to ask me, what's the difference between HOCOR and another typical off the shelf brand of supplement it would be almost impossible to verbally describe in terms of the gap between the two but I'll take a couple of examples below and give it a try:

Let's take a look at HOCOR Complete and compare it to an off the shelf brand which is also marketed as a "General Purpose" or "Complete" supplement / product for your horse.

HOCOR contains a very high quality protein which is extracted from a yeast called yarrowia lypolitica this is a patented product which is only found in two commercial products throughout the world.

The complex explanation which will be followed by a simple explanation is that Yarrowia lipolytica are dimorphic yeast forming cream-coloured, irregular colonies with numerous hyphae. They occur naturally in margarine, cereal plants, high-protein meat products, vegetables, frozen food and wine.

They belong to non-pathogenic microorganisms, and processes it participates in have the status of „Generally Recognised as Safe” (GRAS). Contrary to Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast processing simple sugars, this strain uses fats (vegetable fatty acids, including unsaturated acids) as a source of carbon and energy.

It is slightly confusing, but if you take your horses health seriously then it's worth hanging on.

Let me try to create a simple metaphor, imagine lake number 1 is a stunning crystal clear lake, the sunshine bounces off the shimmering surface. Now imagine lake number 2 a dark, nasty looking lake which actually looks more like swamp. Are you going to eat the fish caught in lake number 1 or the fish caught in lake number 2?

"the yeast from which HOCOR protein is extracted has a high biological value of 80%"

Due to its unique physiological and biochemical properties the strain offers a huge biotechnological potential.

Hocor Supplements Our Own Horses

*Our own sports horses above benefit from HOCOR feed and supplements

It is characterised by:

  • high protein content between 42% and 47% 
  • High dry mass content (97%)
  • Low raw ash content (5%).

Protein from that yeast is particularly valuable, because of high content of lysine. It is also characterised by good absorbability. Also the high phenylalanine, valine, tryptophan and isoleucin content is notable. Moreover, protein from Yarrowia lipolytica yeast has a high biological value of 80 %.

I had a look at the label of a typical off the shelf complete product, the protein content was listed at around 13%, HOCOR Complete has a protein content of at least 42% remembering that this is also a very high quality protein.

Lets talk about Amino Acids for horses

Speak to anyone who trains particularly athletes or body builders and they will tell you all about BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and how critical they are.

The fact is horses just like humans need them! we need Amino Acids, they are the building blocks of protein.

Here is a little know fact for you: Essential amino acids cannot be made by the horse. As a result, they must come from food / diet. The 9 essential amino acids are: histidineisoleucineleucinelysine,methioninephenylalaninethreoninetryptophan, and valine.

I found this great video below which explains Amimo Acids for horses and also reiterates the importance of using a high quality protein.

Video Credited to: Forage First Nutrition FF19, ADM Alliance Nutrition and The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

"HOCOR Complete contains 16 Amino Acids"

We are still looking at HOCOR Complete as an example and an off the shelf popular branded general purpose or "complete" product. HOCOR has 16 Amino Acids while the other brand has 2, we have already learned that there are 9 essential Amino Acids which the horse can not make themselves, so where is your horse getting the other 7 essential Amino Acids from?

Animo Acids for Horses

Sports Equestrians would not consider using an ill fitted saddle in competition or a bit that wasn't right for their horses mouth in fact when you think about the lengths of some forum threads created about which bit to use, the mind literally boggles equestrian can talk for months about that one subject and spend thousands on the "right" saddle. Yet when it comes to their horses nutrition many are happy to put cost before any other consideration which to me, quite frankly is utter madness. I rate what I put inside my horses above anything that I put on them.

HOCOR Complete (the product I have been speaking about in this brief article) is available to purchase from our store. 

In the coming weeks I will be writing about the other products in the HOCOR range and how each one will benefit your horse and help you to achieve the results you want from your riding. 

Remember whether you jump, event or dressage your horse is an athlete, he must be treated like one.


OFFER ENDS 30/08/17





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