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COVID-19 and our business...

By Management Team

CLOVID-19 and our equestrian business
We founded our company in 2008 taking it online in 2012, since then we have focused on increasing the recognition of our brand "Just Riding" not with fancy marketing companies or buying likes on social media.. we as a horsey family grew the brand organically by providing the best service we possibly could for the best price and balancing the profit in our pockets with the money we give back to the industry which gave us everything.
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone of our customers who have supported us and continue to support us during this awful time. You have allowed us to build this strong family and a business that provides an income to many people some of whom have been with us for over 6 years!
We took measures weeks ago to protect our staff, which means that all of them are working from home with the exception of a single dispatcher who is coming in for a few hours every other morning sorting and dispatching parcels to our customers.

Of course we have been hit by this virus as has almost everyone who owns a small business, our sales are down more than 50%. Our staff have all supported our business and their futures by going on part time hours to reduce outgoings. Manufacturers are all still supplying us but there are of course some delays to navigate right now.

On the bright and wonderful side we still have some orders coming in, thanks to you guys out there who are choosing us to continue to provide products for you and your horses. We owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

Sponsored Riders / Brand Ambassadors

Sadly despite you amazing people who are keeping our business afloat we have had to pause all support for our sponsored riders and brand ambassadors, things were delicate before the virus broke out in June 2019 our previous card payment company were suspended and we lost a months worth of revenue we had just started to fight our way back after 6 months when the virus went global.
We have every intention of returning to our usual program of providing everything we can to our inspirational and awesome riders, some of whom we have known and worked with for over 5 years... We love you all dearly and travel every road you have traveled right beside you, watching you all achieve your dreams and goals despite illness and setbacks has been one of the main highlights of owning Just Riding and we WILL get back to doing just that again very soon! I promise.

You are an Equestrian!

As a global equestrian business I am acutely aware of the reach we have in our industry and so I wanted to take this opportunity personally to reach out to any fellow Equestrians anywhere in the world, if you are alone or even feel alone please feel free to email me on I am not a registered healthcare worker or therapist but we are a family with a business, kids, money worries and probably a lot in common with many of you... and so I am offering my ear as a sounding board or companionship or whatever you feel you need.. send me a pic of you and your horse or don't. We don't mind, just don't feel alone.. YOU ARE NOT!
Watch this film below and remember YOU ARE AN EQUESTRIAN!
(Credit to: BackstretchRunner)
Guys we are also offering Free Global shipping on all orders over €300 with discount code "ALLFORONE" on any full price products on our store, and this week we will be scouring our warehouse and adding hundreds of products to our sale section giving people the chance to buy what they need for up to 50% off regular retail price...we want to give more.. but we also have to be careful to try and protect the future of the company so we are still around for you after all of this.
Thank you again for all of your support!
Victoria & Family

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Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski claims CSI3* 150 and 160, Grand Prix Gold Round crown

By Agnieszka JR

Just Riding is very proud once again to be supporting top international rider Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (Jarek) with clothing and equipment. 

Jarek claimed top prize's at the prestigious CSI3* Selesia Tour in Poland last week by winning the 150 Longines ranking on Saturday 22nd followed by the top prize 160 Grand Prix on Sunday.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski celebrates win

Credit for photo: Magda Pocztowska Photography

Jarek is a highly respected athlete and absolute sporting hero in his country of Poland and we are delighted to be associated with him, our congratulations go to Jarek, his family and his team who have done an awesome job.

Jarek rode to both victories on Calevo 2 an 8 year old Oldenburg gelding owned by Dariusz Slupczynski. 

Jarek Wins

Credit for photo: Swiat Koni

These victories follow an amazing performance last week Jarosław Skrzyczyński and Quintella won contest 145 cm during csi3* Knokke Hippique! and in the same contest he took 4th place on silver shine later taking 2nd place in the Grand Prix.

At Knokke Hippique Jarek demonstrated his world class skill and beat the worlds best riders including Christian Ahlmann and Ludger Beerbaum in the 160 Grand Prix event, and was only very unlucky to have a final fence down resulting in a 4 point penalty.

Jarek and Ola

A great photo here above of Jarek and top international rider Ola Lusina. Both Jarek and Ola ride in Animo Italia.

Jarek chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK Dy'on and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding

Ola chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding

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