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The Real Just Riding: Cooling Boots

Aerochill cooling boots the latest game changer in the equestrian world (Video)

By Agnieszka JR

So you are a competitive horse rider, whether this means that you are away for weeks on end or simply load up the trailer and trot off to your local show one weekend a month. This next article applies to YOU!

I have been riding and competing for around 20 years, showjumping has always been my discipline. During the course of the last 20 years I have seen products come and go and some which have stayed and really made a difference to me and to my riding. Safety stirrups for example I wouldn't ride in anything else anymore and haven't done for years, and I certainly wouldn't put my kids in anything else.

This is me...

This is me...

So what I want to talk about is something that is a huge bug bare when I have been away with a few horses and that is cooling their legs properly after work, and I mean properly. I used to use gels but I stopped doing just gels years ago when they brought out ice vibration thingy me jigs... the problem I always had with these was that whenever we were away you could almost guarantee that I had no batteries with me, the next next thing was leg wraps with these refrigerated inserts which I thought worked really well. Again the problem, no batteries, no fridge, no ice, no cold water... but 12 hot legs to cool.

In early 2016 I was walking around BETA the large equestrian trade show in the UK and I always make a beeline for the innovation section as it really interests me, what's new in the equestrian world and what I can buy to help either my horses or myself to be a better rider.

It was on this visit that I came across these:

Aerochill Cooling Boots


What are they?

These are called Aerochill and these unassuming beauties would change my life and my horses lives forever!

Aerochill work by using the principal of evaporative cooling to produce a cooling effect when wrapped around your horses hot legs, they take the warm air and push it out and away from your horses leg, Guess what? No batteries, No Fridge, No Ice. You only need a bucket of water.

I immediately got chatting to the owner and developer of the product but was a little apprehensive at first, they just seemed too good to be true. I made my interest known and said I would pop back at the end of the show. When I returned at the end of the show I noticed a shiney certificate standing next to the product, they had won the main award for innovation from the British Equestrian Trade Association! If any of you guys have been to the show you will know just how hard the competition is for these awards. I couldn't get my pen out quickly enough to secure delivery of mine and some for my shop.

BETA Innovation Award

I bought these boots nearly two years ago, and I am STILL using them almost every weekend!

Here is a video I put together today I think it shows just how simple and effective these boots really are.

I am so impressed by these little boots that I have actually given them out for free to some of our brand ambassadors to use. Melanie Geddis a showjumper out of Ireland has been using them for around 12 months, here is a photo of her in action and also what she had to say about them.

Melanie Geddis Jumping

Melanie Said...

"I found that the Aerochill boots where prefect for home use and also for use at shows, they were great for my horses after their daily exercise and also for using them after they jumped! They are so easy to use, i just dunk them in a cols bucket of water, and them leave them om for 10-15 minutes depending on their work load!"

As I said earlier in my post, there are some things that have come along in the 20+ years I have been riding which have made a huge difference to me or to my horses, right now Aerochill are up at the top of the list. I no longer have to think about gels, batteries, fridges, ice..the only thing I have to remember are the boots, there is always water available. They are also super lightweight so I can throw 6 pairs in my grooming box and feel absolutely no difference in the total weight.

I want to add that I have also lately discovered when speaking to my physio and vet that placing ice or very cold substances directly onto my horses legs is incredibly bad for them and in fact causes tissue damage, just another reason why I wont be using anything else other than Aerochill.

If you are interested in ordering a pair of Aerochill at the time if writing this post I still have around 26 pairs left!

Limited Stock

Added Bonus (Because who doesn't like bonuses?)

Grab your horse a pair of Aerochill boots between now and Sunday 30th June 2017.

Upload a photo of your horse in their boots to our facebook page at and we will send you out a voucher for $10 which you can spend on anything you want to in our store.

Plus we will be sending the actual pair used in our video to one of the first 25 customers to buy a pair. So one of you lucky beasts will have two pairs! Winner will be drawn live by video on our facebook page as always.

Aerochill Cooling Boots are just €66.00 (Just $63.00 if you are ordering from US)

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