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The Real Just Riding: Spur Guard

Equestrians Dodge Blood Rule - Body Bandage

By Agnieszka JR

Equestrians dodge the blood rule with the new Body Bandage (Spur Guard) from LOVE HORSES of Italy.

We have been selling the original body bandage (spur guard) for nearly two years, but have seen sales rocket in recent months. Interestingly coinciding with showjumping judges controversial decisions to disqualify both Bertram Allen and Scot Brash under the "Blood Rule" which states something like - any trace of blood found on the horse in this case the horses flank would warrant immediate disqualification.

The fact that the "trace" may have been almost invisible to the eye, matters none.. the rules as they say are the rules.

Equestrians are also starting to see the benefits of the body bandage for non competitive use, one of our customers recently reviewed stating that she liked it because she no longer wore the hair off her horses flank with her boot when she was riding.

Competitive equestrians at the highest level have adopted the body bandage and we have seem the likes of Edwina Tops-Alexander, Constant Van Paesschen, Emanuel Andrade, Faleh Suwead Al Ajami, E. Von Eckermann, N. V. Callerio, Gudrun Patteet and many more using the product in major tournaments in Europe.

Check out our video below which gives a little more information about the Body Bandage and how it is used.

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